I tried to keep my path simple but that`s not for me.  I have many passions and many pursuits.  Please know that in all I do, I do it because it`s a part of me and I believe I've been given this time and these opportunities to help change the world and I will.  

To know why I'm so passionate about this, I need to share a personal story with you because it`s the fuel that started the fire within my heart.  It starts back in 1947, in the prefecture of Nagasaki, Japan where my father was born a year and ten months after WWII ended.  

My father never met his biological American father but grew up with his Japanese birth mom, half-brother, half-sister and step-dad.  His step-dad was addicted to gambling, an alcoholic and emotionally/physically abusive.  He despised my father for what he represented.  At the age of five, my father found himself living in a local orphanage, where a lot of other mixed roots children also ended up for similar reasons.  

Thankfully, my father was adopted when he was 9 years old to an American family living in Scappoose, Oregon, U.S.A.  The pain that my father and others like him lived with in orphanages around the world, and all orphanages throughout history, is a pain that many people know personally yet few talk about but nonetheless live with haunting memories, embarrassment and shame.  It`s a pain from growing up but never feeling like you`ve grown up.  A pain of feeling like no one else understands.  My father, and others that have grown up living with untreated trauma and the children that I've met around the world who are living with untreated trauma as well, are the reason why I am so passionate about my pursuits and finding ways to use my gifts and talents to be help provide support because like many like Mick Ebeling have said,"if not me, then who?  If not now, then when?".

To learn more about what I am working on, have at my passions and pursuits.

In the journey with with,