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Kikkake Candle Co.


A candle brand that inspires action and celebrates the presence of everyday life. Proudly handpoured in Tokyo, Japan.

Kikkake Candle was founded as a way to both share my passion for candles with others and to answer the call that has become my vision, which is to provide children living in foster care and orphanages around the world with resources and opportunities to work through and channel their pain that will allow them to discover renewed confidence, strength, trust and love within themselves.

"Quality + Purpose" pair well together.   I believe a beautifully hand poured candle can light more than just a physical space, it can also light the unlit spaces in the hearts of those living with trauma.  

Everyone here at Kikkake Candle Co. lives by six simple words: "light a candle, light a life".  We pour more than just our passion into each candle, we pour our commitment and belief that these candles can serve as vessels that help to transform millions of young hearts around the world.  

Curious?...Find out for yourself and see exactly how your purchase lights a spark in the life of a young child.


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"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"

-James Keller